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If you are an out of country barber wishing to apply for a barber license with the Ohio State Barber Board, you will need to have all foreign high school transcripts/diplomas and all foreign barber school transcripts evaluated by a professional evaluation company. If you are someone who has attended a domestic online high school you must have your education transcripts/diplomas evaluated by a professional evaluation company. The Board has approved AEQUO International (https://aequointernational.com) as the sole provider of education evaluations for barber license applicants. Applicants are responsible for paying the evaluation application fee’s to AEQUO International. This is an additional cost over and above the required reciprocity application fee of $300.00 to the Ohio State Barber Board. Click application to apply to AEQUO for the educational evaluation. Applicants must submit educational documents (these may be the original or official documents or color copies of the front and back of the documents as long as the copies are clear and easily read. Original/official documents will be returned by AEQUO International) directly to AEQUO International for evaluation purposes. Once the evaluation is complete, AEQUO International will send an evaluation report to the Board for our review. If you have any questions about the education evaluation application or process, please contact AEQUO International at 844.882.3786 or via email at info@aqueointernational.com.

Please note all reciprocity license applicants will be required to send a completed reciprocity application with all required documents and application fee of $300.00 to the Ohio State Barber Board. This is in addition to the education evaluation described above. To find the application, and instructions please click on the link for forms. The information is under the reciprocity section. If you have any questions about obtaining a license contact the Board at 614.466.5003